My thoughts on episode 2.


im dead


Anna Chancellor, Ben Whishaw, Anton Lesser [are] amazing. Made Romola Garai look average, which she isn’t. Quite an achievement.

Senior News Writer at The Guardian, Esther Addley writes a 140-character review on The Hour. [x]

I love Tumblr people.


I had a lovely few drinks with deathorthetoypiano and oilauren in Manchester and it was very nice indeed. I enjoy meeting up with people from Tumblr. They’re always great. 

More blogging tomorrow. For now: SLEEP. 

Megan is super lovely. We’d never ever spoken to each other before but she was really easy to chat to and friendly :)

I also invited Robyn, who was my flat mate at uni, to come to the pub. I haven’t seen her since graduation but it was so nice just to pick up where we left off.


My housemate tried to watch Guys and Dolls but accidentally watched a documentary about men in relationships with sex dolls. She was majorly confused. 



Cora is so gay for Lady A


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